An Affiliate Saga That Didn’t Work

The saga of an affiliate program that didn’t work

I came across the idea of ​​owning a casino in March. I looked at the
several offers, carefully researched, verified bad references and
finally made a selection.

Readymade casinos, linked to Windows Casino, looked like the best
option. It was the right kind of casino, good games, fast download
and that would not hurt the payment bandarq, even in the weak South African Rand,
conversion to US dollar.

I made a quick payment after selecting the relevant item
name and appearance, looking forward to some financial return,
although it is realistic enough not to get rich * overnight.

Little did I know what horror and frustration lay ahead …

My first email received thanked me for joining them. So far, so good.
I checked that the various lists worked and asked some friends
to download the game, to see if the statistics * in real time * worked.

These friends never heard of the Windows casino, never played
online, so that no cookies can prevent them from downloading via * my *
casino, to be assigned to someone else.

Or so I thought. After all, all the emails told me not to * hesitate *
asking if they could be useful.

The statistics have not been changed. I emailed Anna and asked
about it as guaranteed that my number would work if people played
for real money. I was told to uninstall any version of the Windows casino
I had, restarted, updated, downloaded and checked again.
The statistics have not changed as they should.

On August 9, I sent an email to my helpful person who prepared * mine *
casino, and told him that I wanted to do a competition, for
spice up local interest in the new site. He told me to speak to Anna.

She was really nice when she responded a week later and even suggested
that she would keep a list of anyone who signed up on my site,
so that the draw can benefit real players.

I was sending, writing, marketing the site in real life and on
Internet, using all the books I received when buying and buying
many others.

The statistics have not changed as they should.

I emailed Readymade and Windows casinos on August 17th and
my concern with the sites. I got an email back saying that everything is fine
and don’t worry.

The statistics have not been changed.

I mailed it again on August 19th, apologizing for being a plague. The statistics
they were not reflecting any change. Once again, I was sure that everything was tested.
The massive Windows casino wouldn’t hurt me.

The competition started on August 22nd and I sent Anna an email asking
her opinion. She liked the idea.

Writing more articles, promoting the site by email and the Internet,
I decided to try and trust to some extent. I ordered a very bright
web designer (he wins international awards for his work),
set up a mirror site for me to see what traffic
we drove to the Windows casino daily, as I didn’t
I want to disturb Anna daily.

My page statistics have not changed, despite showing hundreds
of people clicking on the site, answering the competition question.
We could track them to the point of clicking * download *.

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